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2017 Hardwater Ice Racing Association Rules

General Rules for all classes

*New or revised for 2017

  1. All official’s rulings are final. Drivers are responsible for their actions and the actions of their pit crew, family, and fans.  Anyone not following these rules can be disqualified and asked to leave without refund.
  2. Only drivers that have paid all membership and entry fees are allowed to drive on the track.  If you don’t have a membership you are NOT allowed to drive or race on the track during the races.
  3. Drivers (and passengers, for Navigator class) must wear helmet and seat belts when on race track.
  4. Absolutely no drugs or alcohol use is allowed before, during, or after the race.
  5. No intentional rough or aggressive driving is allowed. Deliberate blocking, careless, reckless, or unsafe driving will result in disqualification.  If the flagman or track official points a rolled up black flag at you that is a warning to drive more cautiously.  If the full black flag is waved at you, you are disqualified and must pull off the track.  This decision is made by the flagman or track officials only.
  6. No fighting, if you have a problem bring it NICELY to a track official to discuss the issue. Track officials will not listen to someone yelling in their face or bad behavior and it can cause you to be disqualified.
  7. Windows may be left in car, but all other breakable objects must be removed (head and tail lights, hubcaps, etc..)
  8. All sharp edges on outside of car must be removed.
  9. All cars must have a light mounted on the rear of the car, so it can be seen through the snow dust. Yellow or orange is recommended.
  10. Stock gas tanks can be removed and relocated, but need to be mounted safely and securely.
  11. All cars must have working brakes.
  12. All cars must have numbers on each side and on the front windshield. If your number can’t be seen or read you will not get scored or receive points.
  13. Any weight added must be mounted securely in case of accident.
  14. No passengers are allowed in cars during the race (except in Navigator class).
  15. All cars must have a hook or chain securely mounted on the front and rear of car for towing.
  16. All cars must past inspection at any given time. If you have a question about something ask before doing it.
  17. Car mufflers need to be used to keep noise levels down, if your car is too loud you will need to fix it the following week.
  18. The car battery can be relocated but must be mounted safely and securely. If it is mounted inside the drivers compartment the battery must be covered.
  19. All roof openings (sun roofs, t-tops) must be filled in with tin or plexi glass in case of a roll over.
  20. Flags. Green = Go, Red = Stop immediately, Yellow = Slow down and use caution, Blue and Yellow = move over and let lead cars by, Black (Rolled) = Warning that you may be disqualified,  Black = You are disqualified and need to pull off track,  Blue= One complete lap left to race, Checkered = Race is over.
  21. If something or someone is found illegal IT IS illegal no matter how big or small the infraction is. If you are caught or disqualified a 2nd time you will be done for the remainder of the season.  Anyone caught cheating can be disqualified, suspended, loss of payback, loss of points, and loss of trophy at the discretion of the race board.  Rules will be enforced!
  22. Absolutely NO vehicles, trailers, equipment, garbage, or anything else can be left on the lake or surrounding area. Keep your area clean so we can continue to race.
  23. The event is done after the last race of the day is finished. The Hard Water Ice Racing Association is not responsible for anything that happens before or after the event.
  24. There will be no driver subbing. The driver and vehicle that start the 1st round must race in the 2nd round and in the feature.  Any vehicle change must be approved by the race officials before the first race.  For Navigator class, the points will stay with the car, rather than the driver.
  25. If you drive or get towed/pulled off the track you are not allowed to come back onto the track.
  26. Repairs on frames or chassis must be done within reason and must be put back to original stock location.
  27. In order to purchase a car membership you must be 12 years old or older. The HIRA Board Members have the final say if a driver is capable of safely handling race vehicle on or off the track.
  28. At any time a driver may be asked to park race vehicle until further notice.
  29. Any unsportsmanlike driving or actions on or off the track before, during or after the races can result in disqualification and loss of points, positions, payback, trophy and possible suspension at the discretion of the race board.
  30. Traction control is not allowed in any class of cars, except open class.
  31. Drivers and passengers are not allowed to get out of the car at anytime unless ok’d by race official or an emergency. If a driver/passenger gets out they will be disqualified and not allowed to finish the race.  No one is allowed to touch or push cars out of the snow banks or when on the track.  No one is allowed to work on a car on the track unless ok’d by race officials.
  32. No mirrors allowed inside or outside of the car.
  33. A new class can be formed if you can guarantee at least eight drivers for the event AND there is enough time and room in the schedule, and meets the requirements of the HIRA. If you have an idea don’t be afraid to ask, bring it up to a board member and we will see if it will work.
  34. Each driver is required to buy a membership as part of the race. This is a part of the $20 weekly race fee per class ($10 membership fee, $10 race fee).
  35. Mandatory that all drivers attend the drivers meeting.
  36. No one is allowed to start until the flagman throws the green flag. A cone will be used for the start of the races.  No passing or pulling out of line until after you are past the cone.  If caught pulling out, passing, or jumping the start the first time you will go to the back, the second time you be disqualified and have to pull off the track.
  37. If a Dash for Cash Special Race is held, to qualify to race in the Dash for Cash Special, driver must have previously raced in that class a minimum of 3 regular points races in the current season.
  38. Similar to stock bumpers in stock location and similar to stock size only. No overbuilt or aggressive bumpers will be allowed.  No sharp edges on bumpers (or cars).

Soft Rubber Class Rules

  1. Cars must be front wheel drive with a 4 cylinder engine.
  2. Any DOT tire commercially available can be used, BUT tire must be over (TBA) durometer on the HIRA gauge. ABSOLUTELY no studs, picks, or screws are allowed in tires.  Tires can be cut and grooved.
  3. A four point roll cage is required.
  4. Side door bars are recommended.
  5. Only the stock transmission and front differential can be used. No welded, locked, posi, limited slip, or aftermarket transmissions or front differentials are allowed.
  6. Must have the stock suspension in the stock location. The only change allowed is the use of spring spacers or compressors.  No other modifications are allowed.  No blocks, aftermarket struts and shocks, tie downs, coil overs, etc.  Keep it stock or keep it home!

Hard Rubber Class Rules

  1. Same exact rules as the Soft Rubber Class except for the tires.
  2. Must use all season radial tires with a minimum of (TBA) durometer rating on the HIRA gauge or higher. No winter rated tires, no Bliazzak or Observe tires or any tire with the words Snow, Ice, Winter, etc. These tires are not legal to run on the front or rear.   Tires can be cut and siped.  Absolutely no studs, picks, screws are allowed in tires.

Studded Class

  1. Cars must be front wheel drive with a 4 cylinder engine.
  2. Only the stock Menard’s studded tire with the Menards stock/original style studs can be used for the front tires. Studs can be moved if needed but only a maximum of 112 studs are allowed per front tire.  Sharpening studs is allowed but you can not modify, change, or alter original size or shape of the stud OR tire in any way.  The front tires must have two open rows without studs.  If tire is damaged and stud pattern needs to be changed it must be approved by a race official.  If needed, driver is responsible for removing tires for inspection.  Any tire can be used on the rear including a fully studded tire, screws or picks.  Menards tires are available through Menards 715-876-2681.
  3. A six point roll cage is required. Cage must have a front, top and rear hoop.
  4. Side door bars are required.
  5. Only the stock transmission and front differential can be used. No welded, locked, posi, limited slip, or aftermarket transmissions or front differential are allowed.
  6. There is an open suspension rule. You must use a stock chasis, no tube or custom chasis.
  7. A four point seat belt harness is required.

Navigator Class

  1. This is a Rubber Class, no studded tires allowed.
  2. Same car and driver rules as all other classes.
  3. Driver and 1 passenger only, passenger seat must be secured, with working seat belts and helmets required.
  4. Points will stay with the Car in this class, rather than the driver.

15 and Under Class

  1. You must be 15 years of age or younger.
  2. Your car must be classified as a rubber class car.

Fully Studded Class

  1. Cars must be a factory production front wheel drive vehicle with a 4 cylinder engine. This means that all cars must have a factory chassis.  No tube frame or custom cars.
  2. Only the stock Menard’s studded tire with the Menards stock/original style studs can be used. Menards tires are available through Menards 715-876-2681.  All four tires can be studded, with no studs needing to be removed.
  3. A six point roll cage is required and to include at least one side door bar. The cage must be mounted as close to the car as possible.
  4. No electronic traction control.
  5. No superchargers, turbochargers or NOS allowed.

If you have any questions please call Chad Erlandson  218-838-5479, Randy Borg 218-851-0348, Jerry Koering 218-851-1904

*A new class can be formed if you can guarantee at least 6 drivers for the event AND there is enough time in the schedule.  If you have an idea don’t be afraid to ask, bring it up to a board member and we will see if it will work.

Race Order for the Day

Hard Rubber Heats                                                     Any “B” Features

Fully Studded Heats                                                   Intermission for Plowing

Navigator Heats                                                          Hard Rubber A Feature

Studded Heats                                                             Fully Studded A Feature

Soft Rubber Heats                                                      Navigator A Feature

15 & Under Heats                                                       Studded A Feature

Any “B” Features                                                       Soft Rubber A Feature

Intermission For Plowing                                           15 & Under A Feature

* Subject to change

12:00 is Draw Cutoff for Heats

12:30 Races Start

½ Hour after the last race the event is over and all vehicles must leave.

All drivers will draw for the starting line up at registration.  The number you draw will determine your starting position and what heat you are in.  You must draw for your starting position by 12:00, anyone who hasn’t drawn by this time will start in the back of the heat race. Your finish position in round one is inverted to determine your starting position in round two.  For example if you place 1st in your heat race in round one, you will start last in your heat race in round two.  Your combined total for round one and round two will determine your starting position in the feature.  If there are more then 14 entries in a class a “B” feature might be ran.  The top ten qualifiers will start in the “A” feature.  The remaining racers will race in the “B” feature, the 1st and 2nd place finishers will start in the last row of the “A” feature.  If there is a tie in points after the second round whoever had the best starting position from the draw will qualify the highest.

Heat races are 6 laps and features are 10 laps.  We race on a 1/4 mile oval track.

Point System.  You must start the heat / feature under your own power to earn points.  The least number of points in a race that a driver has competed in for each class will be thrown out – cannot throw away a zero (only exception is mechanical issue caused the zero).

Position          Heat Races points     A Feature points       B Feature points

1                                  10                                35                                      1 point less then the last place in the A feature

2                                  9                                  33                                     Each following position will have one less point

3                                  8                                  32

4                                  7                                  31

5                                  6                                  30

6                                  5                                  29

7                                  4                                  28

8                                  3                                  27

9                                  2                                  26

10                                1                                  25 (etc)


For the 2017 Season we will be racing our season on Crystal Lake, behind Harpo’s (the Old Wagon Wheel) in Merrifield.  You can park right on the ice, coming on at the access through Harpo’s parking lot.

Click Here to Print a PDF of The Rules