Baja Racing Rules


* Over 99” Wheel Base, 4 cylinder front wheel drive
* Small Pick-Ups, 4 and 6 cylinder rear wheel drive
* 99” and Under Wheel Base, 4 cylinder front wheel drive
* 6 Cylinder Front Wheel Drive, any wheel base

  1. Double check your wheelbase and motor to ensure your class, if in doubt, call one of the officials listed below. Rear wheel drive vans will run with the trucks.
  2. Strong Roll cage- 4 point, must be welded or bolted and be fastened securely (cars and pickups),

    must be made from at least a 1 1/4 inch diameter and .095′ thickness

    . Cage must be inside the car within two inches of the roof, and truck cages must exceed 4 inches above the roof line. This is the bare minimum, more is recommended, especially in protecting truck cab.  This is for your protection due to the high amount of rollovers.

  3. Drivers must be 15 years of age or older, and have a valid driver’s permit. The HIRA Board Members have the final say if a driver is capable of safely handling a vehicle on or off the track.
  4. Remove all glass including headlights and taillights. Windshield is optional.
  5. All roof openings must have glass removed and be tinned or plated over. No cutting or chopping of the roof.
  6. Helmet and seat belts must be worn on the track at all times.
  7. Battery tied down and covered
  8. Gas tank and fuel systems left in original position, or safely relocated and securely mounted.
  9. Similar to stock bumpers only, no sharp edges or over built bumpers.
  10. Driver’s door is recommended to be welded, bolted or chained shut. If your door comes open during an event you will be black flagged.  Door bars are allowed.

    Easily removable window net is recommended.

  11. Four wheel drive trucks-front shaft must be removed. Four wheel drive cars–rear shaft must be removed.
  12. Air bags removed
  13. Frame mounted tow points on front and back of car. Chain loop recommended.  Not responsible for towing damage.
  14. All cars must pass a safety inspection. Vehicles will be disqualified for potential safety issues.
  15. Number clear and readable on sides and a vertical number must be attached securely to the roof.

    Roof numbers must be in white with a black background, and be at least 10″ tall.

    If we can’t read them from a distance, you may not be scored.

  16. Stock suspension
  17. All season tires only. No large lug, overly aggressive or mud tires.  No alteration to the tires, siping is allowed
  18. Radiator must stay in stock location. Front radiator and oil pan shielding allowed.
  19. Mud flaps are recommended for Trucks
  20. All loose items, garbage, etc must be removed from inside the car prior to arrival at the track.
  21. No hitting in the drivers door!!!

  22. During the races, all pedestrians must stay off the track! No passengers!
  23. Any contestant found to be committing rule infractions will be disqualified and may forfeit being a contestant at any event.
  24. Any un-sportsman like conduct by driver or pit crew will result in immediate removal from event with no refunds.
  25. All official’s rulings are final. HIRA may combine classes, depending on amount of entries.
  26. Read rules thoroughly, just because a car has ran previously doesn’t mean it will pass inspection.

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